September 16, 2014

Karkat the carebear aggressively sends his friendship.  

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September 16, 2014

1 hour sample commission B))   An equiiiinnneee

These will  be $13 ;D 

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September 11, 2014

Can I have a link to the story of mevs? If it's not too much trouble. I'm on Mobile so I don't get to see any links on their page if there are any :)

Sorry I didn’t include it!  It took some digging but here’s the fanfic

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September 11, 2014

Some HSWC stuff I never posted.  These were my illustrations for our Main Round 2 which accompanied Mev’s fic.  

I think I forgot to mention that our team made second place overall!  … not for this particular round BUT OVERALL 8D  

Anyway, have these since I still like them.  

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September 11, 2014

*Finger slips* Oh, what is this?  Don’t tell me this is the lineup of the cast that will be in the game I’m working on?  Well, I guess it is.  

For everyone who commented on those posts I made asking about creatures/monsters you would date, now you sort of know why.  If you’re not excited, I don’t care, because I am.  Just look at all these fine folks.  

(not everyone has a solid design yet so some of these are subject to change. That’s also the tentative name for the project.  Dunno if it’ll be the final title but that’s what I’ll be tagging everything I post for it for the time being.) 

Want updates on this?  Subscribe to my patreon!

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September 10, 2014

45-minute drawing sample BD  These will be $10.  They also aren’t necessarily portraits, that’s up to you.  (They’ll always cost the same regardless of whether it’s a full body or just a portrait cuz they take the same amount of time to do no matter what ;D )  

This is foxy oldie Ocelot

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September 10, 2014

30 minute commission sample B)  More details to come, but if you wanna check out MOAR COOL DRAWINGS THAT I WON’T BE POSTING HERE go subscribe to my patreon.  (30 minute drawings will be $7 ) 

This is my character, Damien, posing for the sample.  I haven’t drawn him in 84 years.  

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September 04, 2014

Final commission for Res!!!  Again, sorry these took so long D: 

this one sure was a blast from the past B) 

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September 04, 2014




L’appel du vide, French, literally translates to “The Call of the Void.” Basically, it’s that feeling you get when you see someone standing next to a subway platform and a trains coming and you think to yourself, “I could kill them. I won’t, but I could.” Basically the urge to do something evil/crazy.

Was kankri seriously telling the whole “I give you a hamburger” story?
Are you fucking serious?

It was mostly just for fill in but yes B) 

The text in the panel after I can’t remember if its from Great Gatsby or A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, but it’s probably the latter since it’s less familiar to people (and also my favorite book).  

If I hadn’t been so pressed for time, I would have written a speech for the hamburger panel, though.  

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September 04, 2014

So three thumbnails technically won, and even though I was thinking of just randomizing which I’ll take to finish, I might try to do all three since it’s been awhile since I’ve finished anything to the caliber these will be (although one won’t be as complicated as the other two) 


3: Reus (an indie game I’ve been playing a lot lately) (voted for on another site) 

4: Bioshock Infinite

7: …. Homestuck B) 

I’d tell you guys what the others are except i’m probably going to do this again in the future and except for maybe one of them, I like the others enough to keep them in the next batch.